How to get Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

Almost everything seems to be getting more expensive these days, like a simple chicken sandwich costing $5 or more at your local fast food joint. While you cannot control all of these cost increases, you can focus on the items in your budget you have control over, like how much you pay for car insurance. With online internet access, everyone should look for cheap auto insurance quotes every six months or less. Today, anyone can access the best insurance quotes from all the major insurance providers in just a few short minutes. At LAInsurance.org, we work with dozens of top auto insurers to find you the very best coverage, with prices that fit into your budget.

Main cost factors that determine pricing

(and also some valuable tips that will help you get even cheaper coverage)

1. The car you drive.
Interest rates are extremely low these days, and that has allowed consumers to lower their car loan payments. However, before you sign on the dotted line with that new car, first check the insurance rates that you will end up paying. No matter how good a driver you are, your car will be a critical factor in determining how much you pay for automobile coverage.

Insurance companies have detailed info on each make and model and claim costs associated with them. Cars you would think might be cheap to insure, like a Honda Accord or Civic, are more expensive due to their very high theft rates. You can save hundreds per year on coverage just by getting a comparable car like a Volvo or Ford. Remember, in general, the more expensive your car is, the more it will cost to insure. Check with LA Insurance and get free estimates on any car you are considering purchasing first.

2. The miles you drive.
If you do not drive much, let’s say less than 800 miles per month, you can get some really cheap car insurance rates because insurers base premiums on risk. The more you drive, the greater exposure you have of getting involved in an accident.

If you just ended a long work commute due to a job change, like a new career working at home, you could probably get a lower insurance rate. In fact, the probability is based on you if you no longer drive too much.

On the contrary, the more you drive, the more you are at risk of crashing or any other incident. Remember, always be truthful when filling out your driving history in any insurance application because the truth will come out in the end anyways.

3. Your level of Insurance Coverage.
A key component to getting cheap auto insurance quotes is the type of coverage you decide on. If you are, for the most part, a good driver with an old car not worth much, then you might want just to get liability car ins. However, if you have a new car that is leased or financed through a lending institution, you will be required to carry full coverage, including collision and comprehensive.

Once you pay off your car loan, you have the choice to exclude comprehensive, which is more expensive. You can save a lot by sticking only with collision. Also, it is really important to note that the more assets you have to protect, the more coverage for your automobile will be needed. Stick with an amount of protection that will protect you financially in the event you are sued and held liable for injuries and property damage due to a car accident.

4. The age and sex of the primary driver.
While older drivers over 40 can get really good deals and usually save money, teens are paying record high costs for coverage. This is due to a surge in accidents involving teenage drivers, often targeted to distractions like cell phones, tablets, and music devices. In fact, teen boys are the most expensive drivers to insure in the U.S and get in many more accidents than their female counterparts.

Women over 25 can also expect to get cheaper automobile ins rates than men because statistics shows they get in far fewer accidents and fewer DUIs. If you are a young driver, get good grades in school so you can be eligible for academic achievement discounts and take a driver safety class from a certified professional. These two tips will help you save 15% or more on your coverage.

5. Your zip code area.
Insurers charge different rates for each zip code throughout the U.S. Some areas like Camden, New Jersey have high rates of auto theft and accidents, which result in more expensive car ins. Other, more rural areas are much cheaper to insure. A great tip on lowering your auto insurance costs is to move to an area that is cheaper. Go to sites like CarInsuranceEstimate.org and get free estimates on each zip code and also compare rates in just seconds.

6. Your driving record.
This is one of the most important factors insurers use to determine your rates. The better your driving history is, the lower your auto insurance rates will be. If you do get a ticket or any other infraction, always go to traffic school, so the points do not appear on your record permanently.

Also, take a certified driver safety course and you could qualify for a discount of 5% or more instantly. Remember to follow all traffic laws and drive responsibly. Good drivers, after all, get better insurance prices.

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