Auto Insurance

Finding low-cost auto insurance has never been easier

We specialize in providing discounted auto insurance online, from the country’s top insurers.

If you need a simple liability policy or a comprehensive plan that covers multiple vehicles,  we can get you covered at exceptional rates. If you have had difficulty in the past getting insured due to DUIs or various accidents, we can get you covered at rates that will amaze you.

Essential points to consider before purchasing auto insurance

Each State has its requirements, regulations, and laws regarding auto insurance. There are plenty of rules, but most people will only need to understand the fundamental of the regulations and probably some tricks to save money.

1. Understand the Basic Requirements

It is better to learn a little bit about the basic requirements for auto insurance before making phone calls to insurance agents, so you know which coverage you must buy and which you can opt out. Here are the things you need to know:

• Minimum liability: Lot of states use 10/20/10 rule. You have to purchase at least $10,000 liability for another person’s injury coverage, $20,000 for multiple persons’ injury coverage and $10,000 for property damage.

• PIP (Personal Injury Protection): this policy provides coverage for damages or injury to the policyholder. The minimum amount is $10,000.

• PD (Property Damage): property damage coverage does not protect both your property as well as someone else’s property that are damaged due to accidents in which you are at fault. Property Damage policy only provides coverage for you in case you damage another person’s property.

2. Do an online research to compare premium rates

Once you understand the basic requirements to get insured, do an online research to find eligible companies in the state and start comparing their rates.  Buying an auto insurance policy is a significant financial decision. You need to partner with a company that has your best interests in mind and works relentlessly to save you money, while delivering a rock solid policy, that adequately covers you and your family.

At Stratton Oakmont insurance, we allow our valued customers to compare multiple car insurance rates so they can select the rate, coverage and auto insurer they feel is the right fit. It is worth mentioning that you may not want to purchase insurance merely based on a cheap price. You must also look for reputation and financial rating. In fact, you can narrow down your search by comparing several top companies only. We only partner with the best auto insurers in the country and have access to online rates that no agent can compete with us.

Online quotes are nowadays free, and you can get them easily from many insurers. Get your free rate quote now and let us help you save serious money on your auto insurance.

3. Look for Online Discounts that save you money

In some cases, insurance companies offer discounts if you are a member of particular community and organizations. You may want to check with your employer if your company gets discounts from a particular insurer.

Besides this discount, there are also some useful methods to save money on auto insurance such as the bundling option, enrolling yourself in a driving course, installing safety devices on your car, and so on. If you cannot find the list of available discounts and requirements for eligibility, you can always ask questions by sending emails or via the provided forms on the website.

We help all of our customers find every discount that they qualify for. Some of our most common auto insurance discounts are:

* Good Driver

* Good Student

* Military Service

* AARP Member

* Bundled and Multi-vehicle

4. Debit card reward program

Auto insurance may allow you to pay the premium using a debit card. The good thing about this is that you can earn money (cash back) from every payment you make thanks to the debit card reward program. The amount of cash back or receiving rewards depends on the type of program provided by your debit card.