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Californian’s have had a long love affair with the automobile going back almost a hundred years. With so many beautiful roads to drive on and amazing things to see, it’s easy to understand why. From the beaches of Malibu to the mountains of Big Bear, California has about 386,000 miles of public roads, second only to Texas. California is also home to the second largest metro area in the United States, Los Angeles. LA drivers made traffic congestion famous and boast some of the busiest local highways in the country. With so many cars on the road, getting the best LA insurance is a must for residents of the Golden State.

California has tough auto insurance laws that are meant to protect the public. The auto insurance limits in California are generally lower than most other states. Make sure you are aware of California’s state mandated, minimum auto insurance coverage requirements.

* Minimum amount for bodily injury liability: $15,000 > $30,000

* Minimum amount for property damage liability: $5000

Reasons to get LA Insurance

California is such a large state that the insurance rates vary quite a bit in different areas. One of the most expensive areas to insure a vehicle in the United States is actually Los Angeles. There are a number of reasons why LA auto insurance is so expensive. Some of these include:

  1. High rates of auto accidents.
  2. High rates of auto thefts. Each year, approximately 24,000 vehicles are stolen in the Los Angeles area, costing insurance companies hundreds of millions.
  3. High levels of automobile insurance fraud. Organized criminal gangs set-up stages accidents, often targeting commercial vehicles, with the intent of suing the insurers for bodily damages. Insurance companies have to pass these high litigation costs onto the consumer.
  4. Long commutes. LA drivers have commutes that average about 30 minutes.
  5. High rate of DUI related accidents and fatalities.

These main factors and many others make LA car insurance very costly. The average annual automobile premiums of LAS auto insurance is about $2,405, which makes it the second most expensive city in the USA to insure a car. Keep in mind these are just the average LA insurance rates. If you have a high end sports car like a Porsche and need complete comprehensive auto insurance coverage, your Los Angeles auto rates could be $5,000 per year or higher. Lets take a closer look at what zip codes have the highest and lowest rates in the LA metro area.

Most expensive car insurance zip codes in Los Angeles

  • 90029 > This area has average automobile insurance rates of about $2,500
  • 90020 > This zip code is close to Hollywood and major movie studios and has average annual car insurance costs of about $2,450

Cheapest car insurance area by zip code in Los Angeles

  • 1. 90045 > Drivers pay about $1,750 for auto insurance annually in this zip code.

Cheap LA Auto Insurance

Despite the high insurance rates in the LA area, some insurance companies are a lot cheaper than others, which makes shopping around for the lowest rates so important. If you are an active military service member or vet, USAA auto insurance has some amazing low prices for LA residents. Another cheap insurer is  Mutual insurance company. This east coast based company has great rates for west coast drivers and award winning customer service.

The last company that delivered cheap insurance quotes was Mercury insurance. This company specializes in providing low cost auto insurance, primarily in the southwest market. Even though LA insurance is the second highest area to insure your car, these companies can save you abut 25%, which equates to roughly $500 per year. Get a quote now and get cheap la auto insurance in just a few minutes.

LA Insurance Quotes

To get the best LA Insurance quote online, always take advantage of every available discount you qualify for. Most of the major auto insurers in LA offer teacher, military, good driver, and safety driver certification discounts. Taking a safe driver course only takes a few hours of your time but could easily save you 10% off your yearly LA auto insurance bill.

That means you could save $200 or more each and every year if you take advantage of this one tip. Also, a great way to get lower Los Angles car insurance quotes is to bundle all of you cars together into one policy. Insurers want all of your business and will give you discounts up to 20% just for bundling. The best LA auto insurance quotes are almost always found online. You can get a quick quote in just five minutes, get matched with the cheapest insurer, and customize your insurance policy with the coverage you want.

Start comparing rates now and get your free online car insurance quote

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Once you have at least five quotes, you can research the companies and compare their rates to determine which one is the absolutely best value for you. Any information provided will be used only to get the LA insurance quotes you request and won’t be used for any other purpose by anyone. You can shop, compare and save hundreds of dollars or more with our site working for you and you have absolutely no obligation to buy after you get your convenient online quotes.

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